School of Narrative Leadership

The School of Narrative Leadership is the learning platform of Narrative Perspective. The School offers (mainly tailor-made) courses and learnings around Playfulness, Positioning and Perspective based on narrative theory, theatre practice and participants experiences. The content and design of the courses key into the target group concerns and its learning objectives. The School of Narrative Leadership designes courses for Therapists, Teachers, Academics and Young Professionals.

All courses and learnings aim to master insight in a narrative way of looking at work and life, focus on what is meaningful to you, and opening up perspectives and possibilities for work situations and private contexts. Taking your time to deconstruct your work practice, experiences, thoughts and maybe even parts of your life in a lighthearted way: explore the known, reconnect with the forgotten, discover the unknown and find meaning for the present. And by finding forgotten or overlooked possibilities shape your future actions based on what is meaningful to you. And, depending on your position in work or life, help others to do so as well.

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