Carla Maria

Carla Maria Verwer has a master degree in Business Communications at the Radboud University of Nijmegen and completed the Academy of Theatre at the University of Applied Science in Tilburg. She is trained in Narrative Counseling, Voice Dialogue, Transactional Analysis, a certified Jung Type Index (MBTI) trainer and specializes in healthy working (trained in evidence based CSR-method -which stands for Chronic Stress Reduction). She mainly works in an academic and technical context and occasionally in an educational environment.

Her sharp eye and ear for behavior, drivers and intentions are the result of her constant interest and therefore learnings around what motivates and moves people. It makes her a playful and clear trainer in Leadership and Personal Effectiveness. She is asked to moderate workshops, develop tailor-made trainings for different target groups in the field of Personal Leadership and Career development and to write and direct plays in communities in the Netherlands.

With my work, and by founding the School of Narrative Leadership, I hope to contribute to broaden one’s own perspective in a lighthearted way, be aware of what is valuable to you, try to act and communicate accordingly, and inspire others to do so as well. My assumption is that:

  • it helps greater understanding and acceptance of one’s self and others around us;
  • which helps clear communication on a more considerate level;
  • which contributes to a safer culture;
  • which improves a healthy learning environment;
  • which opens up talents, willingness and possibilities;
  • which helps a greater and sensible output.

Carla Maria Verwer is connected to the Dutch order of Professional Coaches and has a CRKBO (Central Registration office for Vocational Education) registration and therefore Dutch Educational institutes are free of VAT.