Explore, attribute and reveal meaning and behave according to what is meaningful to you – that is what Narrative Perspective is all about. We distinguish story from narrative. We take time to look at situations, (life)experiences and events on one hand – let’s call them stories – and to have a look at how we connect these stories on the other hand- let’s call this the narrative. A story being a single and distinct event, the narrative being the thread of interpretation running through it, connecting stories and creating or revealing guiding (work/life) themes.

A rhizome is a stem that grows horizontally along under the ground – and produces different visible roots and leaves above the ground. Let’s say the different roots and leaves are different stories. The stem would be the narrative, invisibly connecting stories.

When you are looking for a moderator for your meetings, a coach for yourself or one of your colleagues, please feel free to contact Carla Maria Verwer, founder of Narrative Perspective. Narrative Perspective can be helpful when you would like to have a closer look at:

  • Career development, what to do, or where to go (next);
  • Being ambitious and yet work healthily;
  • Development of Leadership skills: a narrative outlook on your team
  • Dominant and alternative narratives: let’s open up possibilities.

I believe a meaningful (work)life is not only about what you do, or about how effectively you develop all your talents and “grab” all the opportunity’s that are or could be there. I believe a meaningful (work) life is about doing wat is related and connected to what is valuable and meaningful to you. That would mean living and working in a context that gives (some) space for diversity and alternative ways. As logic as that sounds, it’s not evident nor easy. So, once in a while – preferably before the pressure is too high, take the time to wonder if you (still) are behaving and making (life) choices according to what is meaningful to you. By and for yourself, or with colleagues or your team. With Narrative Perspective you can do that in a lighthearted and structured way.

Narrative Perspective is (about being) curious about answers to the questions ‘How is something related or connected to something or someone else and what is the effect on (your) meaning or sense-making? What is the story, a personal experience or past experiences in an organization, on its own? How do you connect this story to other experiences or situations? What does this mean for you when you look at situations and choices at this moment? ‘

For the learning platform and tailor-made (group) trainings please visit The School of Narrative Leadership.